Motorized Patio Screens – Are They Really Worth the Investment?


An outdoor patio can add so much to our living space. And if done just right, a patio can add just the right amount of the outdoors into our life without sacrificing any of our privacy.

How can we find this balance?

One of the best ways we’ve found is by adding retractable patio screens. And something we’re excited to let our customers know about this amazing option: Motorized, automated patio screens.

What Are Motorized, Automated Patio Screens?

Most of us are familiar with patio screens. They’re placed on the windows (or open spaces) of a patio. When the weather gets a bit hot or the sun is too bright, the screens can be drawn to make sitting within the patio space more comfortable.

Why would anyone want to get motorized screens? We’re going to discuss this in more detail in a moment, but the main reason is because it’s so convenient. Some patios are quite large and lifting or drawing the screens can be rather cumbersome. Not so, though, when they’re motorized!

What about automation? What does this mean? It means the screens can be operated from a smartphone or tablet. Instead of needing an extra remote (really, who needs anymore of those things?), all we have to do is link the system to our existing device and we’re good to go.

Why This Technology Isn’t Going Anywhere (and Why Everyone Should Try It!)

These are just a few reasons why we think the motorization-automation combination is such an excellent one.

Easy to Use Motorization

Again, motorized screens are so incredibly easy to use. Now, instead of struggling to draw our screens because we’re being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we can quickly and easily draw them with just the click of a button.

Another bonus of motorization is these types of screens actually increase the value of our home.
We’d all love to stay in our dream home for the rest of our lives but, if moving ever became necessary, it’s nice

to know we’ve made improvements which offer a good return on investment.

The Automation Feature Is Amazing

Automation makes motorized screens even easier to use – and more functional, as well. How so?

The screens can be synced to an app on any smartphone or device, so there’s really no problem with being able to lower or raise the screens anytime, anywhere.

This is great for people who are somewhat forgetful or for those times when the weather changes suddenly. All we have to do is click the button and our patio furniture is totally protected from a sudden torrential downpour.

With automation, the screens can also be set to a schedule, raising and falling at the exact time we want every single day. Not only is this convenient, but it allows us to be more energy efficient, too.

Instead of turning on the lights, we can simply raise the screens. Or, we can lower the screens to keep the temperature in the space fairly constant. This helps us reduce energy costs because we don’t have to use the air conditioner or heater as often.

The Patio Becomes a Fully Functional, Private Oasis

There are plenty of people out there who have patios without privacy screens who are perfectly happy. But we love the idea of having a functional, private add-on which motorized screens afford us.

With these screens, we have the freedom to enjoy a great view during a beautiful fall afternoon. We also enjoy closing off the patio so we can have a private dinner with family and friends.

Some other perks of these screens:

We can enjoy time in the great outdoors without getting eaten alive by bugs

We get to decorate the patio without worrying about the elements destroying our lovely furniture.

Mixing Beauty and Functionality – Using the Latest Technology to Create an Attractive Patio

Technology is adding so much to our lives these days. And if used correctly, it can make our lives so much easier.

This is what we love about motorized, retractable patio screens.

These screens can make a patio look fantastic. With just the touch of a button, we can let in some glorious fresh air and sunlight. Just as easily, we can enjoy our outdoor space without being on complete display to the rest of the neighborhood.

Retractable screens are a great investment for nearly anyone with a patio. Adding motorization and automation into the mix makes us feel these screens are one of the best investments our customers can make.


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