Here’s Why You Should Choose Cellular Shades for Your Home

Why You Should Choose Cellular Shades

If you like a sophisticated, minimalist interior, you’ll want to choose cellular shades.

Another name for cellular shades is honeycomb shades.

This is because they come together in a tight network of rivets which are effective at keeping light out and warmth in.

Cellular shades are great if you also want to absorb sound and, like we mentioned, trap air to make your energy bill more efficient.

Let’s take a look at four reasons to choose cellular shades for your home.

Reasons for Buying Cellular Shades

We believe there are a number of reasons for buying cellular shades for your home.

Below, we’ve listed four of those reasons to help you get a good idea of whether cellular shades are suited to you or not.

While there are many different types of shades available, cellular shades are unique in their design and qualities which make them an ideal choice.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at four reasons you should opt for cellular shades when designing your home.

Light Control and Privacy 

The first reason you should go for cellular shades is they allow you complete control over the level of privacy and light.

This is because when a cellular shade is fitted correctly into a window, the fitting is so snug there's no chance of letting in unwanted light. Plus, people will have a difficult time seeing in.

Cellular shades are particularly snug in the shade market, making them a top choice if you care about having features like this.

You’ll also experience minimal levels of light between the shade and the window sill.

Absorption of Sound

Cellular shades have a unique design which makes them a favorite. Their ergonomic fit means you can minimize any noise coming in from outside.

This is because of the way cellular shades are made – it’s also why they are often referred to as ‘honeycomb’ shades. The shape of each blind riveted together traps incoming noise, preventing it from traveling any further.

We recommend cellular shades for children’s rooms in particular. We know children are often light sleepers, so preventing additional noise from entering is ideal.

Regardless of where you install your cellular shades, you’ll experience less noise.

Child Safety

There’s another reason why cellular shades are ideal if you have children – and it has everything to do with safety.

Many other blinds on the market come with exposed lift cords to the side. These pose a particular risk to small children who may be playing on or near them. Your child may become entangled in this cord and seriously injured.

We love cellular shades because they have taken this into consideration and have made their design as child-friendly as possible. This is because you just pull the shade up or down – there's no cord located on the side.

Sleek Design

Like we mentioned above, cellular shades are designed to fit perfectly into the shape and size of your window. What we love in particular about cellular shades, though, is the headrail is pleasantly unobtrusive, too.

When you lift your cellular shade to look out the window, all the separate cells stack up neatly against the headrail. There’s no unwanted hanging or drooping – you get a clear view from your window.

What's more, there are a number of different fabrics to choose from with cellular shades. This means you get to select the degree of privacy and light control, based on your personal preferences.

A lighter fabric allows for natural light to flow in during the day, while still maintaining an acceptable level of privacy.

Choosing Cellular Shades for Your Home

There are many different types of blinds to choose from. While they all serve different purposes in the home, cellular shades, in particular, are an excellent choice if you're looking for a number of specific features.

From noise canceling to making your heating bill more efficient, we believe there are four great reasons to think about cellular shades for your home.

Whether you’re renovating old windows or designing your new home from scratch, cellular shades provide a sophisticated, chic look to any room.

Next time you’re in the market for window shades, try cellular shades on for size. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you love them.


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