"Low Cost Blinds" & "Economical Blinds" vs "Quality Custom Blinds"

Quite possibly Atlanta's most popular window treatment, 2" faux wood blinds have the look of wood blinds, but are more economical and durable. Faux wood blinds are extra resistant to moisture, humidity and sun. So if you're careful where you buy them, there's no need to worry about warping or cracking, even in the garage, bathroom or kids play areas, because Our faux wood blinds are made from their Original Co-Extrusion Formulae, and not a recycled PVC.

Affordable and functional, 2"faux wood blinds are among the most popular window treatments found in homes across the country.

But BEWARE all fauxwood blinds ARE NOT THE SAME !

Most of the blinds sold in Georgia are made from a low grade RECYCLED PVC composition and are almost guaranteed to have "issues".  READ THE SELLERS WARRANTY before you buy your next faux wood blinds.  If it includes language like "This warranty does not cover... exposure to sun, exposure to salt air, exposure to excessive humidity, etc., or failure to follow printed instructions on cleaning, care, or maintenance. This warranty does not apply to conditions resulting from normal wear and tear.", that means that ANY ISSUES you have with the lift or tilt mechanisms or the strings WONT BE COVERED.  Also, any language like "effects of the sun" means that they won't cover yellowing, fading or warping either . . .

No one ever wants to get this:

Although I do not know the brand or the composition of the faux wood blinds installed in the west-facing windows of my home when I moved in, it took only two years in the blazing sun for them to litearally crumble. Now I find myself window-dressing shy. It looks like aluminum is my only choice, but having lived with them for years informs me that they are not perfect in form or function. What to do?

Fortunately there is a Solution !

Introducing the most Advanced Faux Wood Blind in the US Market. 2” Elegance with SmartPrivacy is valance free, has a built-in light block, and uses advanced PVC formulations and extrusion technology. 2” Elegance with SmartPrivacy has is no need for a Valance to concel bulky headrails or unsightly box brackets. Slats are lighter, and more durable, with better heat deflection and color fastness. Patented SmartPrivacy feature allows optimum blind closure for the utmost levels of privacy.

100% Private, Child Safe, Room Darkening, and 2000 hr UV Rated!  That means that THESE 2" Fauxwood Blinds WILL NOT yellow, warp or fade



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