Motorized Window Coverings – Is This An Option for Every Type of Covering?


What are the latest trends in window coverings?

Our customers often ask us this when they’re searching for the perfect covering during a remodel or for their brand new home.

Trends come and go, but there’s one which seems to be gaining momentum: motorized window coverings.

Read on to find out which ones can be motorized - and if those options are a good fit for your home.

Which Window Coverings Are Most Commonly Motorized?

Nearly any window covering can be motorized. We offer horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roller shades, and cellular shades.

Here are some things we encourage our customers to consider when choosing which option is best for their needs:

Vertical Shades Can Be Done, But Aren’t Common

When it comes to vertical vs. horizontal shades, we can do both. In our experience, more people tend to choose some sort of horizontal blind or shade. This is usually just down to personal preference. If you love the look of vertical blinds, we can create a motorized look which will function wonderfully in your home.

Solar Roller Shades Protect Your Home from UV Rays

Wouldn’t it be nice to lower the shades on a hot, sunny day without totally losing the view outside? We can do this with solar roller shades. These shades still allow some of the light into a room, but reduce glare and UV rays.

This means you’ll be able to protect your furniture and floors from damage from the sun, while still being able to enjoy your view of the great outdoors.

Improve Energy Efficiency with Cellular Shades

Another motorized option we have is motorized cellular shades. These shades aren’t flat like typical horizontal blinds.

Instead, these shades are shaped almost like honeycombs pleats or pockets.

The purpose of this particular shape is to add an extra layer of insulation. During the summer months, it helps to keep a home cooler, while in the wintertime it can keep heat from escaping through the windows.

Nearly 30% of a home’s heat is lost through the windows. Choosing an energy efficient motorized option can definitely help reduce energy costs throughout the year.

Is It Possible for All Window Coverings to Be Motorized?

Really the only type of window coverings which can’t be motorized are shutters. This is because shutters don’t function the same way as all the other types of coverings.

Shutters open and close like a door, while blinds and shades roll up, down, or sideways. Additionally, in order to motorize shutters, we’d have to put the motor into the frame of the shutter. This would compromise both the functionality and integrity of the shutter.

The Benefits of Investing in Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments often cost a bit more than traditional coverings. This makes sense since the cost covers the motorization as well as the covering. Here are some good reasons why someone would choose to invest in this added expense:

  • It Improves the Safety of the Home: Cords can be dangerous in homes with children or the elderly. The cord can be a choking and tripping hazard. With motorization, we can reduce the risk of dangerous accidents in our homes.
  • Motorized Shades Are Really Convenient: Why would we want to struggle with a cord when we can just push a button? Or better yet, when we can program the shades to open and close on a regular schedule? Motorized shades are perfect for those seeking convenience and practicality in their window coverings.
  • They’re Perfect for Hard-to-Reach Windows: For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in homes with vaulted ceilings and tall windows, finding the perfect window covering can be a hassle. Thankfully, motorization makes it easy to cover these high windows and skylights.

Which Window Covering Option Is Best for Your Needs?

While motorization is an awesome option.

We are happy to help you determine which covering will fit in your space the best. And we’re sure you’ll be happy with the variety of motorized coverings we have on hand.

Customers who have made the move from manual to motorized coverings can attest these blinds are a wonderful mix of both style and convenience!


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