Roman Shades: Why So Many People Love Them In Peachtree City


Is it time for some new window coverings?

If so, you may be struggling to figure out which ones will work the best for your home while matching your style sense.

Making this choice can be overwhelming, but we have a recommendation for you: Why not try some roman shades?

These shades are an extremely popular choice among our customers – and we love them as well.

Let us explain why they’re such a great choice.

What Are Roman Shades and Why Are They So Popular?

Romans shades are a fairly simple design and has been around for quite some time, but it remains a popular choice. This is because Roman shades are truly versatile. These shades give you the look of rich fabric drapes but with the practicality of a blind.

We love these shades because they fit the aesthetic needs of so many of our customers. If you like a streamlined, modern look, they’ll work for you. If you like a dramatic, romantic look, they can fit this aesthetic as well.

There’s More Variety Than You Might Think: 5 Types of Roman Shades

With such a simple design, you might have a hard time with the idea these shades are as versatile as we claim they are. Here is some proof.

1. An Abundance of Fabric Options

Because Roman shades are fairly basic, it’s easier for manufacturers to offer homeowners more options in the way of fabric choices.

You can choose from solid colors or bold patterns. You can even get them in bamboo.

2. Get a Shade with or Without a Liner – It’s Up to You

Another option for homeowners who choose Roman shades is whether to line their shade or not.

There’s no wrong answer here – it just depends on your wants and needs.

Do you want more privacy? Then, you’ll want to line your shade. Do you want better insulation?

Again, a liner will be a great idea.

Some people choose not to line their Roman shades, though. They do this because the fabric doesn’t look as heavy without a liner. And buying a shade without a liner will allow more light into your room even while the shade is down.

3. Choose the Perfect Fold Type

Besides choosing your fabric, you also get to choose what type of fold you want. There are four folds to choose from:

Plain (also called Classic or Traditional)
Hobbled (also called Looped)
Flat (or Seamless)

The plain fold is fairly flat, though when it’s pushed together it does gather nicely. With the Hobbled fold, each pleat is actually a fully looped piece of fabric. When you raise the shade, you’ll get a nice, ruffle-like effect.

The Plain, Hobbled, and Flat folded shades have a bar at the bottom to keep it in a straight line. The Relaxed Roman shade has a very loose fold with very little structure. It’s great for lighter or even sheer fabrics.

4. Include Drapes for Added Drama, Privacy, and Insulation

A lot of people like the look of Roman shades on their own. They’re ideal for modern, casual aesthetics.

However, when you choose a heavier fabric, drapes, and/or a valance, you can add elegance and drama to a room. These extras will also add more privacy and insulation to your space.

5. You Can Even Get Motorized Roman Shades

This is something we’re really excited about: motorized shades. With just a flip of a switch or the push of a remote button, your shades will go up or down. It’s perfect during the morning rush, and when you’re relaxing in your recliner or bed at night.

Learn More About the Benefits and How to Care for These Beautiful Window Coverings

Are you interested in finding out more about Roman shades? We want you to be happy with your decision, so we invite all of your questions about the benefits of these shades and whether they’ll fit your space and décor aesthetic.

We’ll also be happy to show you the great selection of window treatments we have available. And when you decide these are the window coverings for you, we’ll show you how to properly care for them so they last for years to come.


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