Staple Failure; A Common Issue With "Locally Made Shutters"

Most homeowners agree that wood window shutters are both beautiful and functional, but, the most common complaint about shutters, especially with wide louver plantation shutters, is that the louver staples often come loose from the lift rod so that not all of them move together, called staple failure.

Staple Failure

“Because of normal wear and tear”, WHICH IS NOT COVERED UNDER MOST WARRANTY’s, is the staples that connect the louvers to the lift rod begin to loosen and eventually fall out.  This can be especially agravating for homeowners when they are not warned that this common problem in not covered under their “Lifetime Warranty” from the local guy.  Just remember what happens when you ASSUME something.

This is such a common problem that there are dozens of websites offering D-I-Y Help to fix the problem for a small fee of course.

If you’ve already purchased shutters, you have Our Sincere Condolences.  If you’re still shopping for shutters, do yourself a big favor and at least get EVERYTHING IN WRITING that the people you buy from will cover this.

Guaranteed No Staple Failure


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