Stunning Custom-Shaped Windows Deserve Beautiful Custom Window Treatments

Custom Window Treatments 

We all love homes with personality.  

But what is it which gives a home its own unique style or character?

Many point to things like the colors you paint the home, what kind of flooring you choose, and whether your style sensitivities lean toward farmhouse chic or Scandinavian simplicity.

But this is only part of the story.

A lot of what gives a home its distinctive traits is the architecture of the home itself.

Interesting design features can make a home seem dramatic and mysterious or warm and inviting.

One way designers, architects, and homeowners choose to add character to their home is with custom-shaped windows.

While these windows can be truly magnificent, they sometimes pose a bit of an issue: How are you supposed to cover them?

Actually, the answer is simple – custom windows require custom treatments.

What kinds of options do you have?

Gorgeous Custom Windows – Which Ones Need Special Window Treatments?

When it comes to custom window shapes, the options are actually pretty endless.

Builders and window designers can create windows to fit the aesthetic of every homeowner.

Granted, customization can be complex due to the size and shape of the openings, as well as the glass. And this means these types of windows can often cost more than standard windows.

But when you see the finished product, you’ll be glad you decided to go with your gut. Your home will now have so much more personality.

What kinds of window shapes can you choose from?  

Here are just a few:

  • Circular

  • Arched

  • Rectangular

  • Oval or curved rectangle.

You can also choose to combine various shapes into interesting combinations, like large square windows with smaller arch-shaped windows above them.

Of course, other customizations include:

  • One or more skylights

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows

  • In-between sizes (non-standard sizes).

Once you’ve decided what types of windows you want for your home. The next step is to decide how to dress those windows.  

What Kind of Custom Window Treatment Options Do You Have?

We offer a variety of custom window covering alternatives. Here’s a list of your options and what types of windows they’re best suited to.

1. Cellular Shades Provide So Much Versatility

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades because of their shape. Instead of being flat like horizontal blinds, these layered, bonded fabric shades form a honeycomb-type shape.

This type of window treatment provides added insulation to a home because it traps air in between the layers of fabric.

Custom-made cellular shades can fit just about any window shape. Plus, we often recommend them as the ideal option for covering skylights.

2. Woven Wood Shades Are Great for Larger Sizes

Often, we make these shades out of woven bamboo. They’re a great option if you want a beautiful, earthy, natural look to your window treatments.

What types of windows do these shades fit the best?   

Typically, they’re a good choice for angled or arched windows, or those which are over five feet wide.

3. Plantation Shutters Are a Great Option for Arched Windows

Plantation shutters can make a home look cool and fresh – like what you might imagine would cover the windows of a beach house in the Caribbean.

Or, they can look utterly romantic – the perfect fit for people who go for shabby chic décor.

They’re also a wonderful option for nearly every type of arched window.

4. Horizontal Blinds – Believe It or Not, the Classic Go-To Can Be Versatile

These are the blinds we’re all used to seeing in a lot of homes. While they may not fit every shaped window out there, they can fit arched windows really well.

Finding a Customization Expert

When searching for window treatments, most people head to their local Bed, Bath & Beyond or Home Depot. Others choose to find their window coverings online, typically heading to Amazon for their wide variety and tendency toward affordability.

The problem with shopping at these stores is they’re very limited. When it comes to variety, the choices you have usually boil down to a handful of sizes and colors.

This isn’t ideal if you have custom-shaped windows, which is why you need to consult an independent dealer like us.

At Blind Guyz, we can create custom window treatments for just about any size or shape you need.

Whether you have floor-to-ceiling windows, arched windows, or skylights which let in just a bit too much sunlight at certain times of the day – we have options for you.

When you need custom window coverings, don’t deal with an aggravating lack of variety from generic home furnishing stores. Instead, work with customization experts. People like us who do custom work on a daily basis. Doing so will save you time, energy, and frustration.  

Let us handle your custom window treatment needs. Get in touch with us by filling out our contact form or call us at 770-856-2094 today!


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