Window Treatments Mix & Match: Finding the Perfect Combination


Windows provide a view, an opening for sun to come through, and a spot for natural ventilation. But sometimes, windows may need accessories or addons to make them look the part or function up to the owner’s standards.

Blinds, drapes, shutters, shades – all these units can play a big role in improving aesthetic of a room. They can make its look match the rest of the house, limit the amount of heat which can come through, and provide some much-needed privacy.

But with so many options on the market for window treatments, which is the best? Many people choose to mix and match, as doing so allows them to create something unique and ensure all their needs are met.

Things to Consider When Mixing and Matching Window Treatments

Your windows are a big part of your home. You want them to add style and design, but also provide the right balance of comfort and privacy.

For example, a person who has glass doors looking for more privacy may consider plantation shutters. These shutters can provide the best of both worlds. You can have complete privacy with the shutters closed or leave them open for natural light.

What about if you’re looking for a way to make those aged windows of an antique house have a little more modern minimalistic design?

Fresh drapes can make it look as if the windows were just installed. With a new, clean look, you can make a room look updated.But once you know what type of window treatments are right for your windows, how can you make sure they’re the right choices to use together?

Consider a Core Design Theme, and Use Moderation

It’s a lot easier to mix and match window accessories successfully if you start out with a goal in mind from the beginning. It can be easy to pick out drapes, shades, and shutters you like – but once you put them all side-by-side, you may notice they don’t match up too well.

Go with a core idea from the start.

It is always possible to change this and change the selections you’ve made accordingly. But keeping choices centered around a given theme makes it much easier to end up with matching choices.

What are some clever ways you can take advantage of your options while still ensuring you don’t go overboard with them?

Simple Tricks for Mixing Window Treatments Effectively

If you’re looking at a theme, consider whether or not it offers a distinct pattern.
For example, a series of earth tones or a number of coverings based around horizontal lines will all look like part of a stock set – even if you matched them up individually.

You can also use the two-tone approach, mixing custom drapes with roman shades or curtains with blinds.

It’s still possible to decorate modestly even when doubling up on the choices. Just make sure they complement one another well and flow with the rest of the design.

The best way to mix and match effectively is to know what you’re looking for – remember moderation – and be creative.
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