Custom Plantation Blinds in Chatahoochee Hills


Performance™ Faux Wood Blinds with SmartPrivacy™ by Norman® Window Fashions

2.5" Smart Privacy Plantation Blinds!

Why not have the best when it's so closely priced to the alternative?

EVERYTHING produced in the Atlanta area is made from a recycled PVC material, and at best has a UV resistance rating of up to 300.

The Award Winning Smart Privacy Blinds from Norman Window Fashions is made from an Original Formulation Co-Extrusion Process that Norman invented. That gives them a 2000 UV Rating, making them very tough, and ½ the weight of the local product.

You Say You're The Best? Let's Prove It!

Our #1 Seller, #1 Seller in USA, #1 Seller Worldwide. Highest UV Rating in the industry, ever better than Hunter Douglas. Instalock pull cord Rated Best New Innovation 2016. Best Heat Resistance in Class, 135 Degrees. Best New Technical Innovation 2012, 2015.

Combine all the best Features anyone could want in a Premium Custom Fauxwood blind, and then have a Sale?!? Yep!

One of Our most popular options is the Front Entry, blinds combo set like Ernest & Edna C. in Palmetto, GA added to give them the privacy they needed for the front of their home.

The narrow windows in the front have made this a difficult area to cover with a complete matching set of blinds.

We have taken the opportunity to purchase these sets in quantity, so You could have them installed right away, and, they’re available for an easy on the wallet price!

Hey Hampton, GA. How Would You Like to Beat the Heat?

If the sun is turning your foyer into a Sauna and "redecorating" your wall and floor colors for you?

We have a fantastic, affordable solution for you, and We'll install it too.

Almost as great a combination as 'babesball & hot dogs' and 'apple pie & ice cream', the Sunburst Arch is a lifesaver when it comes to making your home MORE COMFORTABLE!

Ashley & Crandall McDonough, GA had theirs installed to keep their Sun Room from becoming an Oven all afternoon. She says it's already paid for itself in reduced A/C bills!

Our Faux Wood Louvered Arch Window Treatments provide an alternative to traditional custom methods which require fabrication at a greater cost. Our Faux Wood Arch Window Treatments look like wood but are made from a highly resilient PVC material. They remain beautiful through years of use with minimal care.

We offer 30 different sizes, starting with our 18 inch arch and increasing in size up to 72 inches.

We can install your new Sunburst in only a few days from Griffin, to Dallas, Stockbridge, Decatur, or even in Dawson, Ga.

Fortunately his bulldog has not made a chew toy out of these Stunning "Faux" Stained 2.5" Plantation Blinds.

Charles & Karen D. found the perfect complement to the Beam Architecture throughout their homein Newnan, GA.

Saving $2100 over the wood blinds they were looking at didn't 'hurt their feelings' either.

When Reggie & Ingrid H. decided to go Retro for their Condo in Marietta, GA they had a rainbow of colors to choose from with these 1" Classic Aluminum Blinds. Some rooms were the white brushed aluminum, some were cobalt blue, and some were cinnamon and their daughter's had Barbie Pink!

Like a Classic Dress Suit with a Vintage set of Suspenders, Plantation Blinds with Decorative Cloth Tape is a really Smart Look!

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