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Are Plantation Shutters The Right Choice For Your Windows?

The Spanish introduced shutters to the Americas. Large plantation homes in the South often used the wider louvered style shutters, giving them their name.

The shutters shown here are designed with a narrow divider rail. This allows for separate control of the top and bottom louvers, a feature that comes in handy when evening arrives and you would like some privacy.

Today's plantation shutters come in many different styles and louver sizes. The most popular louver size where I live is 2 1/2 inches. What size louver you choose is really a personal decision. The 2 1/2 inch louver is more traditional and is a great choice for average size rooms with normal ceiling heights. If you have huge rooms with soaring ceilings, the 3 1/2 inch louver may be a better fit.

When shopping for plantation shutters, there are important features to look for. A custom shutter company will measure your window exactly and build your shutters to fit. Shutters designed with a divider rail or in the double hung fashion are a popular choice in bathrooms. They allow for closure of the bottom louvers for privacy while the top louvers can be left opened for a view and light. It's harder to get that kind of function with curtains, drapes or wood blinds.

Art & Elaine C. in Senoia, GA redecorated their kitchen and dining room and added this warm and cozy sitting area. These 3.5" Classic Style Plantation Shutters were just the right selection to give this room a little extra alluring 'Southern Charm'.

If you're trying to find the perfect harmony of warmth and richness for any set of rooms you must consider these unbelievably splendid stained shutters Ed and Barbara C. of Newnan, GA put into their new home.

They are true nature lovers and are looking forward to enjoying retirement with this kind of view!

What a fantastic touch for this office right in the center in Fayetteville, GA. This Olde Style Café' look was the perfect compliment for this 125 year old house.

It sit's up from the busy street below, so keeping the openness on the top for the light was just what this old dark room needed. The windows are original too, so it was nice not to have to cover such a rich piece of history.

This amazing shutter has what's called a Cathedral Arch with an 'eyebrow' or 'bullet' shape for the top, rather than an arch that's more rounded at the top.

Jessica and Ethen K. chose this exquisite type of treatment to compliment the traditional style of this beautiful home in north Atlanta, GA.

"Timeless, timeless, timeless" was Hillary and Travis T's reaction from Peachtree City, Ga. when they first saw just how much these great shutters added to their already lovely home!

Protecting the beautiful flooring from fading and sun damage is just an benefit to how much elegance these shutters add to the room!

"We didn't want them too distressed and casual, but I wanted some distressing because it goes with the elegant, farmhouse vibe I wanted for my home" was what Gilda And Barry W. in McDonough, Ga wanted.

These Antique Look Shutters are a great match to go with the distressed flooring being so popular as a staple for many new and renovated homes throughout Atlanta.

Kudo’s to Todd And Amy F. in Sharpsburg, Ga for this wonderful master sitting room to work with! This room has 3 sets of doors with arches on top.

If rustic is your style, then We have some Great News for You !

This unique “knotty style” plantation Shutter in ‘Light Walnut’ was the perfect flavor for Sayed and Fazannah A. in Cumming, Ga.

“They’re just breath taking! I thought they were very nice when we picked that color stain, but we can see the richness and workmanship… thank You !”

Many times with a custom built home, the builder has created a home that’s not just Beautiful to look into but just as beautiful to look out of.

This creates many challenges when it comes time to cover or decorate those stunning windows. Dave and Cheryl M. in Locust Grove, Ga. found a solution with this magnificent Stained ‘Bullet Arch Plantation Shutter’.

Do you have plantation shutters in your home? If so, have you added fabric treatments on top or do you like the look of shutters alone?

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